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Choose your perfect FEIS plan

All FEIS plans feature max sound quality audio tracks

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For those starting out on their Irish dance journey


  • News & Articles

  • Selection of FEIS music for beginners

  • Traditional Sets


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For dancers progressing through the grades


  • Selection of FEIS music for all levels

  • Traditional Sets

  • Unlock 3 FEIS Club tracks

  • 3 featured tracks per month


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The Ultimate Irish dance music experience!


  • ALL FEIS music from ALL artists

  • 6 brand new tracks every month

  • Traditional & Own Choice Sets

  • Ceili music

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Do I need to pay for a subscription as a beginner?

No, Feis FREE is perfect for beginner dancers - there's a selection of tracks available at this level to help get you on your way!

Can I log into my FEIS App account on multiple devices?

You can access Feis app on multiple devices, but only be logged in on one at a time. 

Can I try FEIS Club for free?

Yes! You get a 7 day free trial with FEIS Club and can cancel at any time.

Can I cancel my FEIS Club subscription whenever I want?

Yes! You're in control of your subscription and payments.

How much Irish dance music does FEIS have?

FEIS contains the largest Irish dance music library in the world with over 5000 tracks!

Who do I speak to if I have an issue with FEIS App?

FEIS App's customer service is there for you. Contact us via our knowledge base, email, or social media and we'll be happy to help in any way we can. 

Questions? Email Us

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