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The only app you need for Irish dancing

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What is Feis?

What is FEIS?

The Feis app is an Irish dance music streaming application for iOS and Android mobile devices. It only contains Irish dancing music from the best and most popular artists on the scene today.

The Feis app is free to download, and free for beginners. Various packages are available depending on your Irish dance music needs. Pricing can be seen here.

Why do i need FEIS?

The Feis App contains all the music you need for Irish dancing. It can be used at class, or for personal practice. You can create custom playlists and download music for offline use.

Feis also has content such as fitness, interviews, podcasts, vendor deals, live streamed events, workout plans, feis info, and community events.

Most of the top champions in Irish dance practice with the Feis App. The constant stream of top quality, new music keeps dancers and teachers inspired to hone their craft.

Feis App
Why do i need Feis?
Niall Holly - Teacher & Adjudicator

"Feis app has become a culture... Just a brilliant concept with brilliant content"

FEIS your way...

Make FEIS the soundtrack to your Irish dance journey


For those starting out on their Irish dance journey


For dancers progressing through the grades


The Ultimate Irish dance music experience

Feis - The Irish dancing music app

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The Feis app is born

In 2018, three feis musicians had a dream. They wished to create an amazing music app for our Irish Dance community, to provide inspiration, connection, and quality music for dancers, teachers and studios. The Feis App was born!

Want to hear the whole story and meet the makers?

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